The creative pitchbend plugin, Pitch Innovations “Fluid Pitch” is 48% OFF

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The creative pitchbend plugin, Pitch Innovations “Fluid Pitch” is 48% OFF.


Fluid Pitch

Fluid Pitch is an innovative next-generation MIDI Pitch bend system, which is not only free of existing constraints but is a revolutionary leap forward in music expressions for all musicians using any standard MIDI keyboard.

Fluid Pitch introduces the world’s first Scale-Locked-Pitch-Bend system powered by a MIDI to MPE upscale engine.

Now musicians no longer have to think about which scale or where they are using the pitch bend wheel, Fluid Pitch always takes you to the right note!

Play any style of music with unparalleled ease and boost your confidence on stage, without the need to buy any new keyboard or going through a new learning curve.

Now experience Fluid pitch bending, Polyphonic pitch bending, Access MPE synths, micro-tune individual notes and open new dimensions in creativity.

  • Scale Locked Pitch Bend System (SLPB)
  • Polyphonic Pitch Bending
  • Micro-tuning
  • Realtime Access to Different Pitch Bend Ranges
  • MPE Upscale Technology

Regular price $82.5 on sale for only $42.9.

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