A plug-in with 114 reverb models, D16 Group “Spacerek” is 42% OFF

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A plug-in with 114 reverb models, D16 Group “Spacerek” is 42% OFF.



This compact, intuitive reverb plugin creates amazingly authentic real-world spaces without bogging you down in complex parameters.

The Virtual Space Reverb

Early reflections are generated through painstakingly accurate simulation of a diverse range of real-world spaces, and the positioning of speakers and microphones within them.

Hybrid Algorithm for Quality and Performance

A dynamic delay network defines the Late reflections, blending seamlessly with the Virtual Space simulation to create super-realistic rooms, at surprisingly low cost to your CPU.

114 Stunning Reverb Models

Choose from dozens of room types, each with multiple microphone and speaker configurations for extensive mixing flexibility and sonic control.

Convenient Mixer

Effortlessly balance the direct signal, early reflections and late reflections using a simple three-channel mixer.

Tilt EQ and Low Cut filter

Sit your reverb perfectly in the mix with the musical Tilt EQ and mid-side-compatible Low Cut filter. 

Regular price $93.5 on sale for only $53.9.

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