Dual delay with a lot of twists, Karanyi Sounds “Matra” is 38% OFF

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Dual delay with a lot of twists, Karanyi Sounds “Matra” is 38% OFF.



Named after the echo-rich Matra Mountains in North Hungary, Matra lets you create captivating audio experiences through the art of delay!

Explore the possibilities, from crafting ethereal vocal textures to infusing nostalgia with tape delay effects, all while achieving precise tonal control and instant inspiration with the Smart Random button.

Mountain of Sonic Power

At the heart of Matra lies its Dual Delay Engine, a studio-grade DSP designed to lift your music to new heights.

With precision and finesse, this engine lets you craft mesmerizing echoes that breathe life into your sound.

But that’s not all – we’ve taken this further with the revolutionary Spread feature: A delay-on-delay concept with a dedicated Wash control, allowing you to seamlessly blend reverb and grains into your delays for unique and immersive sonic textures.

At The Peak Of Sound Design

Matra goes beyond the ordinary, offering a treasure trove of sound design tools. Explore dynamic harmonic shifts with dual resonant filters and a filter LFO.

Add character with dual distortion units for both heavy distortion and rich saturation.

Invoke nostalgia with the Wow/Chorus effect, while achieving spatial perfection with Stereo Imaging.

Fine-tune your sound palette using tone EQ and a versatile multimode filter.

And for those flashes of inspiration, Matra’s Smart Random button is your creative spark.


  • Studio-grade dual delay engine with additional Wash control
  • Additional sound design modules:
    • Dual resonant filter and filter LFO
    • 2 distortion units (heavy and saturation) with 8x oversampling
    • Wow/chorus
  • Overall tone shaping options:
    • Tone EQ
    • Multimode filter
    • Stereo Imaging
  • Other intuitive functions:
    • Smart Random
    • Quick Fade
    • Bypass
    • In/Out Gain
  • Comes with 40 artist presets
  • GUI features:
    • Easy-to-use front view
    • In-depth “Tweak’ view
    • GUI rescale (100% to 125%)
    • MIDI-learnable set of controls

Regular price $42.9 on sale for only $26.4.

Matra ( Plugin Boutique )

Matra ( Karanyi Sounds )

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