Hard to find 54-key electric tine piano, Sampleson “Stage54” is 40% OFF

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Hard to find 54-key electric tine piano, Sampleson “Stage54” is 40% OFF.



A Rare & Unique Vintage Electric Piano

Stage54 is the virtual emulation of an extraordinary and hard to find 54-key electric tine piano. A true gem only a few people own.

In the late ‘70s, a 54-key variation of the famous stage electronic piano was introduced.

This version focused specifically on the middle register of the piano, intended for players who were interested in achieving the best possible tone for chords and melodic passages during live performance.

Today, this is one of the rarest variations of electric tine pianos, and still features the wooden keys, felts, and action that characterised the original electric pianos of the 1970s.

This Stage54 emulation has been meticulously created using spectral modeling – allowing you access to the same sound as the original instrument in only 45 MB.

Stage54 also features infinite round-robins technology and a unique daylight-based user interface that changes throughout the day.

  • Spectral modeled 54-key electric tine piano
  • Only 45 MB.
  • Low CPU
  • Based on real samples
  • No velocity-switching
  • Scalable HD interface
  • FX – Phaser, Tremolo, Reverb, Drive
  • Daylight Based User Interface

Regular price $53.9 on sale for only $31.9.

Stage54 ( Plugin Boutique )

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