Plug-in that gives you complete low-end control, Leapwing Audio “RootOne” is 30% OFF

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Plug-in that gives you complete low-end control, Leapwing Audio “RootOne” is 30% OFF.



RootOne is designed from the ground up as a new way to generate and shape subharmonic frequencies.

Leapwing set out to create the cleanest low-end possible, phase aligned with the original, making the result sound like it comes from one source.

RootOne comes with 3 low frequency bands at custom crossover frequencies.

Each band will look for a frequency an octave above the selected band, and after carefully analysing amplitude and phase, it then generates a clean sound within that band. 

  • Unique Subharmonics Generator: Proprietary algorithm that generates the cleanest low frequencies.
  • Pitch Follower and Phase Alignment: Instead of simply pitch shifting the signal, Leapwing use advanced analysis to generate subharmonics that are phase aligned with the source.
  • Full Harmonics Shaping: Saturation module allows you to shape those midrange harmonics, allowing them to cut through on smaller speakers.
  • Ultimate dynamics, drive and decay control: Immense control to shape your newly generated subharmonics.
  • Simple yet Beautiful Design: Beautiful resizable Retina interface with unique design, focused on the optimal workflow.

Regular price $218.9 on sale for only $152.9.

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