An authentic noisy tape sound, Have Audio “NASTRO Soundscapes” is 60% OFF

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An authentic noisy tape sound, Have Audio “NASTRO Soundscapes” is 60% OFF.


NASTRO Soundscapes

NASTRO means “tape” in Italian and Soundscapes is the first release of an exciting new series, dedicated to the long-gone world of tapes and reels, bringing a powerful 4-track tape machine experience right on your computer.

For NASTRO Soundscapes, Have Audio sampled some of their favorite instruments and designed synthetic lead sounds, loops, textures, noises and arpeggios using some of the best analog synthesizers out there.

Then, they re-processed all material through lots of vintage tape devices, walkmans, boomboxes, VHS and rare cassette players to get that authentic, noisy tape sound.

4 independent tracks to channel your creativity, a selection of 64 sound sources, 4 playback modes, adjustable speed, 80 factory presets, 58 unique IR effects created from vintage devices and 4 additional FX macros to control panning, EQ, compression and distortion. Reel up and feed your nostalgia!


64 sound sources, slightly different on each track and for each playback mode, just like in the analog world! Just do your maths and here you got 1024 unique-flavored sources and you still can adjust playback speed for each of the 4 tracks to slow down, accelerate and stretch the reel, deteriorate the sounds and customize the quality of the artifacts.


NASTRO’s Send FXs are a big part of the game. So many hours were spent creating and fine-tuning unique convolution reverbs and IR effects to push even further Nastro’s capability.

Have Audio sampled both real environment responses for organic results, and vintage pedals and devices for extremely unrealistically huge/small halos.

There’s also plenty of tuned resonating IRs to enrich your patches with pedal notes of your choice.

Back in the days, iffy frequency response, distortion, tape hiss and noise were unwanted side-effects for everyone recording music on tape.

Nowadays, all these artifacts are long gone and often badly missed.

For this reason, Have Audio decided to develop a Kontakt instrument capable of bringing all the possibilities and “limitations” of their most beloved tape machines.

Those that once were limitations can finally become enhancements in this new engine.

You will find synthetic and hybrid samples painstakingly processed through legendary devices like R2R Akai GX210-D, Sony TC630, Philips 4307, and rare cassette players such as National RQ210-S and boombox Grundig RR1140 just to name a few.

Requires Kontakt Full Version 6.5.2+.

Regular price $75.9 on sale for only $29.7.

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