The ultimate saturation and distortion plug-in, Singomakers “Faturist” is 43% OFF

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The ultimate saturation and distortion plug-in, Singomakers “Faturist” is 43% OFF.



Introducing Faturist – the ultimate saturation and distortion plugin for taking your sound to the next level!

Faturist combines the best of futuristic technology and fat, juicy tones to help you create sounds that’s both cutting-edge and irresistibly catchy.

“Faturist” allows you to create some great creative distortion effects for basses, synths, pump up the sound of kicks and many more!

Top class filters and 4 band Pre-Distortion EQ for the full character control, 3 Unique types of the Distortion, and huge amount of build-in presets!

With Faturist, you’ll be able to add a whole new dimension to your music.

Whether you’re a producer, DJ, or musician, this powerful plugin will help you create sounds that are bigger, bolder, and more exciting than ever before.

With its intuitive controls and advanced processing algorithms, Faturist is the perfect tool for adding depth, richness, and character to your tracks.

Great thing that with different type of sounds it works differently, and with automation on the HP and LP filters – it creates magic.

So if you’re ready to take your music to the next level, then it’s time to open your DAW and check out Faturist.

With its unique blend of futurism and fatness, this plugin is sure to become an essential part of your music-making toolkit.

Regular price $75.9 on sale for only $42.9.

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