Unique saturation and distortion effect plugin, W.A.Production “Satyrus” is 87% OFF

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Unique saturation and distortion effect plugin, W.A.Production “Satyrus” is 87% OFF.



Satyrus is a unique saturation and distortion effect plugin built to provide you with an incredible sounding shine that you won’t get anywhere else.

Satyrus includes 8 wonderfully different distortion and saturation modules with an endless range of potential uses:

  • Power Distortion: The KING of distortions, with a drastic effect on levels.
  • Fresnel Distortion: A unique sounding distortion that can be used on pretty much any sound.
  • Hyperbolic Overdrive: Ideal for editing strong and popping attack-heavy sound FX like shots, explosions, thunder, etc.
  • Logarithmic Colouration: A hybrid of distortion and saturation, great for making vocals shine.
  • Circular Projection: One of the most energy-rich and downright BRUTAL distortions, particularly useful for low and deep Sustain and Release sounds, like pads or synth bass.
  • Cosine Modulation: Similar to Circular Projection but a bit more subtle.
  • Satyric Crunch: A peculiar blend of Fresnel Saturation with the typical “crunch” of a distortion.

Regular price $43.89 on sale for only $5.5.

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