Adding fully customizable real-time metering displays on your desk, PROCESS.AUDIO “Decibel” is 50% OFF

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Adding fully customizable real-time metering displays on your desk, PROCESS.AUDIO “Decibel” is 50% OFF.



One Meter To Rule Them All

Upgrade your studio by adding fully customizable real-time metering displays on your desk.

One of Decibel’s ground-breaking features is its free companion app for iOS and Android.

Open it on a smartphone or tablet, link it to the Decibel desktop application or plugin over Wi-Fi, and the mobile app will mirror the meter display.

Link as many devices as you want. Now you can have multiple synced hardware meters running simultaneously in your studio.

Decibel is for…

Sound Engineers

Add a professional metering system to your workstation that stays within your visual range. Keep your levels under control.

Video Makers

Deliver podcasts, interviews, and movies with music and voice-overs at the right level.

Unlimited Real-Time Displays

Connect as many mobile devices (iOS / Android) as you want for a scalable studio metering setup. No latency. WI-FI or USB compatible.

Build the Meter of your Dreams

Add, resize, and move around your metering modules for complete customization of your working environment.

Unparalleled LUFS and Dynamic Metering LUFS, TrueDyn and True Peak

Manage your sound’s dynamics with our unique TrueDyn technology in mixing or mastering situations.

Make sure your mixes are delivered at the right LUFS levels with the proper TrueDyn range for your clients or streaming platforms.

Drag & Drop for High-Speed Analysis

Drag & drop your track on Decibel for fast offline analysis. Get results in just a few seconds.


Stereo Cloud – Visualize your frequencies in the stereo field

The Stereo Cloud allows you to visualize where the frequencies of your audio material are located in the stereo field.

Bass and high frequencies are respectively represented at the bottom and the top of the module. The X-axis represents the stereo field.

The purpose of the Stereo Cloud is for you to be able to visualize what you hear and feel in a precise and innovative way that is pleasing to the eye.

Super Meter – Loudness, dynamics, and True Peak in one module

The Super Meter is a unique way to visualize the three most important measurements of your sound. Loudness (LUFS), dynamics (TrueDyn), and peaks (True Peak).

The outer rim displays short-term measurements (3-second time span) for a real-time feel of your music, whereas the inner rim displays integrated measurements (from the beginning of your recording).

LUFS Meter – Three gauges to monitor your levels

The classic LUFS meter will show you the LUFS momentary (400ms), LUFS short term (3s), and LUFS integrated values of your signal.

The LUFS momentary value gives you an instant representation of your material’s loudness level, whereas the LUFS integrated value represents your average loudness from the beginning of the recording.

The goal is for your LUFS integrated value to settle on your LUFS target value before delivering your material.

LUFS Histogram – Track your music’s loudness over time

The LUFS Histogram represents your music’s loudness (LUFS) and short-term dynamics (TrueDyn) over time.

It is the best way to compare different parts of your songs and see how their loudness and dynamics evolve and compare to one another. You can also see if your material exceeded your True Peak Max limit with red alert dots.

VU Meter – Get a feel for your levels

VU Meters will help you manage your recording levels and avoid overloading, distortion and help you hit your digital converters at their sweet spots by calibrating the meter’s 0VU level accordingly.

The needle’s momentum is set to approximate the human ear response and is well known to be the most ‘musical’ metering system.

Spectrum Analyzer – Watch your frequency content

Having access to a real-time frequency analyzer allows you to compare your music to reference material or pinpoint issues such as problematic resonating frequencies or frequency build-ups throughout your mix.

Additionally, you can easily zoom in on the left part of the spectrum for better precision at the low frequencies.

Digital Meter – RMS: The old fashioned way

Before the LUFS norm got into the picture, levels were calculated using the RMS standard.

This is the typical gauge we are all used to because this is what we use on every track of every DAW. It is still very practical and straightforward.

Plus, this module allows you to show your True Peak value, customize peak hold time constants or zoom into your dB scale for better precision.

Phase Scope – Check your phase

Decibel’s Phase Scope will show the correlation between your left and right channels. The module will help you identify mono signals and indicate when your stereo channels are out of phase.

It will also visualize your stereo image and show if it leans to one side. As a general rule, the more scattered the dots, the more balanced your signal is. And it looks beautiful.

Target Validator – Meet your targets

Target Validators are the perfect way to know if you have met your targets.

Decibel has three targets:
your loudness (LUFS) target, which will light up in blue when your material settles at the desired LUFS level, your Loudness Range (LRA), and True Peak Max, which will light up in red if they are exceeded.

An absolute must when you want to deliver your material according to draconian specs.

Number Box – Display all the data that you want

Number Boxes allow you to display just about everything computed by Decibel. From LUFS, RMS, and TrueDyn levels to crest factor, LRA, and True Peak.

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