Inspired by a legendary FM synthesizer, XILS Lab “Kaox” is 50% OFF

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Inspired by a legendary FM synthesizer, XILS Lab “Kaox” is 50% OFF.



Inspired by a legendary FM synthesizer – reinforced by Analog Oscillators and Filters and Sublimated by Chaotic Algorithms.

The Versatility and The Brilliance of FM Synthesis

8 operators, 2 outputs, 2 banks with independent pitch, easy programming of the FM algorithms, XILS-lab worked hard at sublimating the FM synthesis to a new level.

A clear, brilliant, and deep sound with a vibe that can be sourced from the other available Analog or Chaotic oscillators.

The Power and Warmth of the Analog Synthesis

2 continuous waveform oscillators, 2 zero-delay like filters, drawing on the vast experience of XILS-lab. A Deep, Warm, and living sound.

The Organic Life of the Chaotic Algorithms

2 chaotic oscillators and 2 chaotic modulators. Create sounds that you had never thought possible.

Easy Graphic Interface Makes Your Preset Faster to Tweak

Advanced parameters, contextual help, and global view with easy access to main parameters.

Audio path easily understood through the use of illuminated modules.

Regular price $258.5 on sale for only $129.25.

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