A vintage drum sound with a classic soul and crystal clear quality, GForce “Oberheim DMX” is 50% OFF

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A vintage drum sound with a classic soul and crystal clear quality, GForce “Oberheim DMX” is 50% OFF.


Oberheim DMX

The DMX redefined; the beat, timeless

The Oberheim DMX is an ode to the legendary drum machine of the past, seamlessly integrated with the speed and versatility of today’s digital realm. The DMX is a time machine that bridges decades of sound with the future of rhythm. 

  • Authentic Sound, Unmatched Clarity—Experience the raw power of vintage drum sounds, meticulously crafted and enhanced for crystal-clear quality without losing their classic soul. GForce have included the DMX, the DX and Sequential Drumtraks sound sets with many alternatives.
  • Intuitive Design, Infinite Creativity—With its sleek, user-friendly interface, the DMX invites novices and seasoned professionals to explore and experiment.

A New Era of Beats Awaits

Step into a world where vintage vibes and modern moves converge.

With the DMX, unleash patterns that pulsate with the lifeblood of classics, refined by the precision of modern technology.

  • Classic Sound, Modern Control – Dive into the original eight-part sound kit of the Oberheim DMX, now augmented with comprehensive control over pan, solo, mute, pitch, decay, analogue-style delay send, and the lush, spacious reverb send for each channel.
  • Masterful Manipulation – On the master channel, a multi-mode filter, distortion, and compressor offer the ultimate tools for adding depth, warmth, and punch. Sculpt your overall sound with precision, adding that sought-after character only found in vintage gear.

Recreate some of the most iconic beats or twist them into something uniquely yours, all while benefiting from the timeless sound that has defined rhythm for generations.

It’s time to let your beats tell a story as timeless as music itself.


  • A testament to the timeless influence of the classic Oberheim DMX, re-envisioned for today’s creative minds.
  • Officially endorsed by Oberheim Electronics
  • Features the Oberheim DMX (1981 & 1983) and DX, and Sequential Drumtraks sound kits with many variations
  • Solo, Mute, Delay sends, Reverb send, Pitch, Decay, Pan and Gain per track
  • Multi-mode filter, distortion, and compressor on master
  • Over 70 MIDI Files with many classic recreations
  • Velocity control
  • GM Map for your MIDI Controller
  • Programmable MIDI CC response via MIDI Learn
  • Fully-scalable UI
  • Preset Browser

Regular price $59.99 on sale for only $29.99.

Oberheim DMX ( PluginFox )

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