Audiaire is having a limited sale. 25% off on ZONE, Zenith and other plug-ins and expansion packs

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Audiaire is having a limited sale, and you can get 25% off on ZONE, Zenith, and other plug-ins and expansion packs.



Sharooz Raoofi, founder of Sample Magic, Attack Magazine and Sounds to Sample, created this synthesizer.

Sharooz Raoofi has been collecting different types of synths for 20 years and had a vision to bring them all together.

The ZONE is a wave table synthesizer.

In addition to the elaborate synth waveforms, analog-modelled filters, and an infinitely expandable sequencer, this feature allows for quick and complex expressions. This feature allows you to create complex expressions quickly and intuitively.

It has a wonderful hardware like quality, as you’d expect from a synth-obsessed artist.

The price is usually $115, but the price is $86.25.



Powerful multi-FX processor with dedicated parameter sequencer and 30 effects types.

It’s simplest to use as a sequencer, but its function as a multi-effects pedal and a powerful glitch machine makes it ideal for a wide range of uses.

187 presets created by some of the world’s leading patch designers.

30 insert FX types including compression, chorus, delay, distortion, decimator, flanger, phaser and barber-pole phaser, pitch shifter, low-pass, band-pass and high-pass filters, ring modulation and more.

The price is normally $59, but the price is $44.25.



It communicates with hard and soft synths to provide customizable sequences, arpeggios, chords and more.

There are 200 default maps for Sylenth1, Massive, Serum, etc., so there’s no need to assign MIDI CCs.

Also, hard synths such as the Roland Juno-106, MKS-80 and Yamaha DX7 can send SysEx data.

The price is usually $79, but the price is $59.25.



  • Max for Live Device with one-click installation.
  • Control multiple parameters at a range of rates.
  • Run any parameter at a unique number of steps.
  • Limitless customisation with user Rack control.
  • Fade, slew, randomise data with one click.
  • Includes an extensively multi-sampled 808 kit.

Ableton Live is required.

The price is normally $45, but the price is $33.75.


Extended sound modules are also on sale

Extended sound sources and bundles for ZONE are also on sale. Please check them out.

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