The Rast Sound ‘Generative Collection’, a unique bundle of three sound libraries, has been released

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The Rast Sound “Generative Collection”, a unique three-in-one sound library bundle, has been released.


Generative Collection


Motif will help you create unique ideas/melodies on the go for selected key, scale and emotion empowered by a state-of-the-art possibility algorithm.

When you are happy with what you hear, drag to midi to use with your ready to go sounds.

Motif offers what is missing, predictable generative melodic music.


Select an emotion and a key, then click play, the engine will create an ever evolving ambient music from endless possibilities.

It really is a useful tool to help streamline composing and help inspire a person in a very real way.


RIG is a rhythmic pattern maker fuelled by a smart possibility algorithm, a wealth of percussive sounds and dual length controls to help create unique long patterns with natural variety.

Four parallel sound players which act on the intervals, possibilities and other dedicated parameters you set to create patterns of striking originality.

Required for 5 GB+ Unzipped for Kontakt 5.8+ (full version)

On sale for the intro price is €179(regular €227).

Generative Collection

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