Released “SC-808 Advanced”, a drum sound source with greatly expanded functions based on TR-808

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This is the release of the drum sound source “SC-808 Advanced”, which is based on the TR-808 and has greatly expanded functions.


SC-808 Advanced

The 808 is based on the Roland TR-808 and has greatly expanded functions. It is an experimental drum machine that incorporates synthesizer elements such as filters and modulation into the drum machine.

It is possible to link with a DAW in the same way as using a hardware sound source. * Plugin is currently under development


  • Additional knobs for a wide range of sounds not found in the original
  • TB-303, Moog Ladder and HPF filters (16 filters in total)
  • More than 100 filters can be added or changed later in the SuperCollider
  • 16 LFOs and various modulation sources
  • Multi-out support
  • Customizable
  • Works on macOS, Windows and Linux.

Since the SuperCollider is OSC (Open Sound Control) compatible, it can be controlled with the OSCulator using a Wii remote.

The SuperCollider is also customizable, so you can create your own 808, which is the only one of its kind in the world.

Prices start at $29, and those who purchase the bundle for $50 or more can get a new sample at no extra charge.

SC-808 Advanced

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