The D16 Group “Spacerek” plug-in with 114 reverb models released. Intro Price Sale on

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D16 Group “Spacerek”, a plug-in with 114 reverb models, is now available. It’s now on sale at intro price.



The hybrid algorithm at the heart of Spacerek fuses modelled virtual spaces to a dynamic delay network, generating reverb tails with supremely realistic early reflections, dense, colourful late reflections, and separately adjustable ER and LR pre-delay times.

Dozens of emulated room types take in halls, towers, chambers, tunnels and much more, and each one integrates a variety of preset stereo microphone and speaker setups. 

Spacerek also makes balancing the Direct signal, Early reflections and Late reflections easy with its three-channel mixer; while the highly musical Tilt EQ and Low Cut filter modules provide effortless shaping of the overall tail.

And as each Reverb Model is pre-configured for left-right or mid-side stereo operation, tweaking width and spatialisation is a snap.

Spacerek doesn’t put the squeeze on your system, either – indeed, when you hear it, you can’t fail to be impressed by its CPU-friendliness.

  • Hybrid room reverb algorithm, combining Virtual Space Reverb simulation for Early reflections and a dynamic delay network for Late reflections:
    • 114 Reverb Models, taking in dozens of room types, each with multiple mic and speaker setups
    • Direct signal / Early reflections / Late reflections mixer 
    • Volume control for each channel 
    • Balance control for each channel, with L-R or M-S stereo mode determined by the Reverb Model 
  • Independent Pre-delay controls for Early and Late reflections 
  • Tilt EQ 
  • Low Cut filter independently activated for Mid and/or Side stereo components 
  • 64-bit internal processing 
  • Tag-based preset browser 
  • Resizable GUI 
  • MIDI Learn for easy controller assignment 

Regular price $85 on sale for only $65.


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