Acustica Audio “Camel” released. 50% off intro price

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Acustica Audio “Camel” release. The intro price is 50% off.



Camel is a plugin suite incarnating two iconic British brands that have earned a reputation as industry leaders for their innovation and technological achievements.

Camel includes four plugins replicating the best hardware units as manufactured by these renowned companies.

Channel strips, EQs, compressors, preamps and four different plug-ins are available.

  • Camel Channel-strip B-2882 (two switchable 4-Band Equalizers with High-pass and Low-pass Filters, two switchable Compressors and a Limiter and sixteen Line Preamp emulations).
  • Camel EQ B-785 (two switchable 4-Band Equalizers with High-pass and Low-pass Filters, sixteen Line and sixteen Mic Preamp emulations, plus four ‘custom’ preamps).
  • Camel Comp – B-656  ( three switchable Compressors and  two Limiter, plus two preamp emulations).
  • Camel Pre – B-1441  (sixteen Line Preamp, sixteen Mic Preamp and 4 Custom Preamp  for a total of thirty-six preamp emulations).

On sale for the intro price is €79(regular €159).


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