Three effect plugin bundles, the W.A Production “Mystical Halloween Bundle” (normally $107) for 90% off, $9.9

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Three effect plugin bundles, the W.A Production “Mystical Halloween Bundle” (normally $107), are 90% off for $9.9.


Mystical Halloween Bundle

Mutant Delay

‘Mutant Delay’ is a host-synced delay plugin with a built-in ducker, perfect for vocal processing and many other applications. 

  • Host-synced delay
  • Built-in internal ducker with compressor-style controls
  • Many presets for a wide range of delay parameters
  • Click free bypass control
  • 2 filtering modes (straight dampening & increasing over time)
  • Straight and ping-pong delay with multiple note divisions
  • Real-time waveform display
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video

Dodge Pro

This is a creative and useful tool with a multi-band EQ that makes sidechaining easy and easy. There are plenty of presets available, so you can use it as a source of ideas.

  • Comprehensive multiband volume shaping
  • Adjustable 3-band EQ volume automation
  • Smooth and glitch free
  • Advanced line editor
  • Responsive & CPU friendly 
  • MIDI triggered scenes
  • Factory presets & randomisation
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video


  • 25 Creative Presets for one-click transformations
  • 3 Smear modes
  • 3 Distortion types
  • 5 Sync modulation wave shapes with adjustable start points
  • Sync speed control with straight, triplet and dotted rhythms
  • Real-time output level display and gain
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video

Three distortions and three Smear effects are also included, and you can control the filters to create a talkbox-like effect or a heavily distorted sound.

Mystical Halloween Bundle

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