(Free version available) Tokyo Dawn Labs Releases Molot GE Compressor/Limiter Plug-In

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Molot GE, a compressor/limiter plugin from Tokyo Dawn Labs, is now available.

Molotok, a feature limited edition, is available for free.


Molot GE

Molot GE is a particularly characterful dynamic range compressor melding several classic compression mechanisms with sophisticated saturation, creative tone control, and a snappy peak limiter. 

  • Musically intriguing compression flavors
  • Analog style brickwall limiter
  • Sophisticated saturation section
  • Creative tone control section
  • Dual-stage timing section offering control over auto-release behavior
  • Feedforward and feedback compression types
  • Crossover based adjustable stereo link
  • Detailed coloration features such as negative ratios, sidechain phase rotation, and bit-crushing
  • Different quality modes including zero-latency operation
  • M/S mode with dedicated width controls
  • Equal loudness workflow, with equal loudness bypass and equal loudness trim

Price is $50.

Molot GE

Molot GE is also available as a bundle.

Free version, Molotok also available

Feature limited edition. Molotok

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