30% off Audified “DW Drum Enhancer”, an all-in-one effector for drums

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30% off Audified “DW Drum Enhancer”, an all-in-one effector for drums.


DW Drum Enhancer

The all-in-one drum processing tool designed and tuned by the DW recording engineers. 

DW Drum Enhancer is designed to process the basic drum sounds from A to Z without the need for any other plug-in.

DW Drum Enhancer - UI 1

The fastest way to get to the desired drum sound is to use the DWDE presets.

Those were carefully prepared in DW studios by professionals that specialize in drum recording on daily basis. 

The intelligent and tweakable Gate helps to remove the unwanted signal from the recorded material.

The compressor type, knee and times depend on the drum type selection.

Don’t search for the EQ sweet spots. The DWDE EQ was precisely designed by the DW engineers.

Five types of true valve saturation add the drum sounds colour, warmth and special character. The section is based on Audified precise circuit modeling technology.

This is an all-in-one plug-in packed with all the necessary elements for drum tracks.

Regular price $199 on sale for only $139.

DW Drum Enhancer

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