The Ultimate Sub Bass Plug-In, Iceberg Audio “The Sub” Released.Intro Price 33% off

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The Ultimate Sub Bass Plug-In, Iceberg Audio “The Sub” Released.

Intro Price 33% off.


The Sub

Producers tell us The Sub has become their go-to instrument for sub bass because it delivers the best sound and focuses on doing one thing incredibly well.

Less is more. Use a refined set of sounds and spend less time tweaking and more time creating music.

Created by Davide Gubitoso (The Golden Army) and Philip Mackenzie (Reality Decks VR).

Custom designed algorithm for sub bass frequencies.

Sub bass is the foundation of your mix, that’s why we developed a drive control tailored to not only sub bass, but the particular sound set of The Sub.

With its advanced algorithm, it allows The Sub to be heard across a wider range of audio systems, ultimately resulting in a better sounding mix.

Use it to add warmth and depth to your sound, without compromising the clarity of the lowest frequencies.

Need more punch? Extra Attack helps you cut through the mix.

This is not just an envelope. Each preset comes with a custom-designed Extra Attack profile. Each one is carefully tuned to make that particular preset punch through.

Internally, Extra Attack works by applying a pitch independent attack overlay. This ensures each note punches with equal force.

Regular price $59 on sale for only $39.

The Sub

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