An epic 6 cinematic sound design library of over 4.5GB, Sampletraxx “Cinematic Traxx Bundle” is 87% OFF

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An epic 6 cinematic sound design library of over 4.5GB, Sampletraxx “Cinematic Traxx Bundle” is 87% OFF.


Cinematic Traxx Bundle

“Cinematic Traxx Bundle” is a massive collection of 6 cinematic sound design libraries designed to give your next track the epic impact it deserves!

This is a complete collection of Tortured Strings, Benders, Hits, Subs, Low End Tones, Textures, Swells, Loops, Synth Bass, Risers, Reverse, Noise, Metronomes, Ticking, Braams, Drops, Feedback Larsen, Glitch Stutters, Whooshes, Ambient Pads and more. and includes the following products:

  • Rituals
  • ClockWorks 2
  • Braams 2
  • AntiSystem
  • Raw Cello FX
  • MainFrame


Rituals is a new cinematic sound design collection dedicated to modern horror sound projects.

Expect eerie violin noises, fragments and phrases, sinister soundscapes, benders, heavy-hitting sound design elements, clock loops.

ClockWorks 2

Clockworks Vol.2 is a new cinematic trailer loops collection of never-ending tick-tock, custom metal ticking, antique tick-tock, metronomes and grandfather clocks not recorded from traditional clock sources.

Use loops as they come or combine them together to create your very own unique ticking sequences from simple clicking to the most complex mechanical clockworks.

Braams 2

BRAAMS Vol.2 is a new collection of organic, raw and emotive custom braams, low-end tones, processed double bass and field recording, bass morph, pitch motion and more.


AntiSystem, a brand new collection of 570+ Horror Sci-fi one-shot samples and loops with a technoid approach, created in collaboration with South American sound designer Matias Cerviño and SampleTraxx.

Raw Cello FX

Different techniques and less-than-conventional microphone placement have been used to create gorgeous harmonics and a wide array of interesting sounds.

Sampletraxx “played” with fingers and hands, different bows against the strings, objects and kitchen utensils, bowing, scraping or hitting single and multiple strings or parts of the wood body.


Welcome to MAINFRAME, a full sonic range sound design collection made to unleash fury on your music and create a sense of sci-fi narrative.

Melting a science fiction film score aesthetic with alien horrors sound design MAINFRAME ranges from soft and subtle cinematic ambient to earth-shattering distorted bass and propulsive noise-punk energy.

Kontakt patches require the Full Retail version of NI Kontakt 5.8.0 or higher (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player).

Regular price $379.96 on sale for only $55.58.

Cinematic Traxx Bundle

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