Groundbreaking artificial intelligence that provides informed suggestive parameter settings in a single click, sonible “smart:bundle” is 40% OFF

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Groundbreaking artificial intelligence that provides informed suggestive parameter settings in a single click, sonible “smart:bundle” is 40% OFF.




Tailor the processing to the individual characteristics of the input material to achieve customized reverb and create a navigable range of styles from scratch.

  • Custom-made reverb in seconds
  • A variety of reverb matrices in a variety of styles
  • Interactive representation of the anatomy of reverb

Quickly analyze your source material and create all your reverbs from scratch with a single click.

By custom fitting the reverb to the spectral and temporal characteristics of the input signal, typical problems such as turbulent resonances and muddy reverb tails can be avoided from the start.

The internals of smart:reverb are supported by the sonible smart:engine, an A.I.-based content recognition system designed based on psycho-acoustic principles and extensive mixing experience.

Like smart:comp and smart:EQ 2, this intelligent plug-in provides profiles for a variety of audio sources to facilitate smart:engine processing of the input signal.

  • Custom-tailored reverb in just a few seconds
  • Versatile reverb matrix
  • Interactive view of reverb anatomy
  • Time and frequency dependent adjustment options for maximum decay control
  • Design the right sound with time-dependent spread and density control
  • Creative features such as ‘Infinite’ and ‘Freeze’ for layering sound
  • Signal adaptive controls for adjusting reverb width, color, and clarity.
  • Pre-filter EQ for quick signal shaping.

smart:EQ 2

smart:EQ 2 enhances detail, clarity and transparency of your mixes after only a few tweaks. Experience a mixing workflow faster than ever before.

  • Revolutionary learning ability powered by smart:engine
  • A.I. filter automatically corrects tonal imbalances
  • NEW: Mid/Side, streamlined interface, instrument profiles


smart:comp finds the parameters for well-balanced compression results in just a few seconds and ensures unparalleled transparency through frequency-selective processing.

With just one click the plug-in analyzes the incoming audio signal and sets specific parameters that result in well-balanced compression – all with the familiar look and handling of a single band compressor.

  • Tonal and dynamic balance with spectral compression
  • Intelligent parametrization with a single click
  • Sidechain mode with frequency-dependent ducking

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