74% OFF mallet sound library, Impact Soundworks “Resonance Emotional Mallets”

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74% OFF mallet sound library, Impact Soundworks “Resonance Emotional Mallets”.


Resonance Emotional Mallets

The Resonance Emotional Mallets are evocative, custom-made stone, metal, wood and glass instruments that range in timbre from warm and beautiful to haunting, spine-tingling, mournful and everything in between.

Resonance contains a total of 33 “Natural” patches and 49 “Designed” patches built from 14 distinct instruments or ensembles.

The Natural patches include multiple mallet types where applicable, as well as tuned/chromatic vs. natural versions and “FX” patches.

The Designed patches are split into six categories: Impacts & FX, Leads & Basses, Tonal Pads, Percussion, Textures & Ambiance, and Keyboards & Mallets.

These patches are built on the Natural samples, but in many cases include entirely new audio processed extensively with a variety of tools.

Requires KONTAKT 4 (full version, not player) or higher.

Regular price $79 on sale for only $19.99.

Resonance Emotional Mallets

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