Various and Realistic Drum Sounds, 81% OFF JSD “Cymbalism”

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Various and Realistic Drum Sounds, 81% OFF JSD “Cymbalism”.



Cymbalism contains 14 mix-ready cymbals aimed at giving a versatile and realistic drum sound.

Rather than velocity based sampling that merely alters a single set of multi-samples, Cymbalism has been recorded in 24bit/44.1kHz featuring the following articulations:

Hi hats include Pedal, Closed, Half Open, Open and Pedal Choke.

Cymbalism is your vision, your own virtual room, use Kontakt to pan your cymbals to your required perspective, you can use as many or as little of the 14 provided cymbals to create your unique kit.

The cymbals are pre processed and require nothing more than a touch of EQ. If your velocities have a high range you might want to try a touch of your favourite compression.

Regular price $49 on sale for only $9.


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