Massive high quality authentic Hip-Hop sound library, Fat Sound & Audio Plugin Deals “BOOM BAP” is released. Intro price 55% OFF

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Massive high quality authentic Hip-Hop sound library, Fat Sound & Audio Plugin Deals “BOOM BAP” is released.

Intro price 55% OFF.



Introducing BOOM BAP (VST/AU), a revolutionary sampler engine and massive sound library created with authentic hip-hop producers in mind.

BOOM BAP comes with 430 Factory presets loaded stock ready to inspire countless classic boom-bap classics!

Boom-Bap isn’t simply a rompler it is a sampling instrument with the true school hip-hop producer in mind.

  • Huge 430 preset factory library including grimey drum kits, melodic chop kits, vocal patches, scratches, scratches, sfx and more
  • Built in “Sound Store” within the preset browser enabling you instantly purchase “crate expansions” from directly within the plugin to quickly and easily expand your already vast boombap arsenal
  • Create your own kits and libraries easily with ultra quick and simple drag and drop interface
  • Support for WAV, MP3, FLAC and OGG sample formats via double click, drag and drop or traditional right clicks pad sample loading
  • MP3 sample support eliminates to step of converting mp3 files to wav in order to be used in the sampler
  • FLAC support enables the usage of the highest possible quality sample format for used directly in the sampler via drag and drop as well
  • “Variable Sampling Technology” enables you to quickly and easily emulate heralded samplers of the past like the sp1200, mp60 etc but with the ability to dial in the exact sampler response, bit depth and odd and even harmonics to your liking
  • Built in analog style saturation on the master output to give it a little analog butter. The mix knob enables you to blend to taste
  • Efficient One Knob “X-Filter” combines and fully midi automatable hipass and lowpass filter in one knob right in your face
  • Every knob and fader on the GUI midi learn capabilities enabling you to control any knob or fader within the boombap GUI via midi
  • Each “Sampler Pad” has instantly adjustable start and end points directly on the pads themselves. Fine tuning as well a reverse and looping can be quickly adjusted at the pad edit page
  • Each “Sampler Pad” can be easily routed externally to any of the plugins 16 stereo outputs for further processing or seperated bouncing within your daw
  • Fully editable reverb and delay sends per sampler pad with delay and reverb settings being able to be tailored to taste via edit panel
  • User scalable GUI size. Too small or too big? Choose from 50-75-100-125-150 and 200 % sizing via the options panel
  • User selectable streaming engine for traditional hard drives or SSD optimized speeds. Neither affecting sound quality
  • Quick pitch, pan and volume adjustments can be made via the GUI submixer for adjustments on the go without having to delve into menus
  • The plugin itself was designed to inspire and enable an efficient sample based workflow with the hiphop producer in mind
  • Features and patches will be added each update
  • Boom-Bap iOS app will be available for free for plugin owners once released as well as upcoming AAX format

Regular price $199.99 on sale for only $89.99.


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