JMG Sound’s Space Enhancer, United Plugins “Expanse 3D” is 80% OFF. With 3 free bonus sample pack

JMG Sound’s Space Enhancer, United Plugins “Expanse 3D” is 80% OFF.

With 3 free bonus sample pack.


Expanse 3D + Bonus Content

Expanse 3D

The world is not flat neither should your music be. Expanse 3D, JMG Sound’s space enhancer, takes advantage of the most recent (and futuristic) knowledge of psychoacoustic effects to help your tracks explode into all three dimensions.

This 3Dimension expander will make your sounds deeper, wider and bigger.

Psychoacoustic Magic

Expanse achieves the 3D feel using a combination of analogue type saturation, spectral phase offsetting, re-synthesis, intricate delay networks and more.

Get Wider

The advanced spectral phase processer creates super width while remaining natural and transparent. It keeps bass tight, reduces stereo from the sub and gets progressively wider to the high end.

Get Deeper

Add definition and punch to the front and extend the back to get a deeper sound.

Get Higher

Make your sounds larger than life by extending out the high and low ends. Unlike traditional EQ that boosts existing frequencies, Expanse 3D generates additional harmonics to give you deeper bass and brighter treble.

Analogue Beauty

Each dimension enhancer implements finely tuned saturation in its processing.

Transparent Filters

All the Expanse 3D processes are applied to the appropriate frequency ranges using high-quality filters. These filters cause zero phase shift which makes them suitable for mastering and also does not have any latency.

Enhance Your Master

Using Expanse 3D subtly can greatly improve the overall impact and energy of the master, making it sound bigger and more exciting.

The widener is sympathetic to each frequency, preserves the focus of the stereo position and is fully mono-compatible.

All of this can be perfectly balanced while retaining the original loudness using the auto gain function.

Glue Your Mix

The depth processor is useful for glueing a mix together as it adds a common space that all the mix elements share, it also, of course, adds depth.

Define Your Tracks

Expanse 3D can be used to create contrast between elements in your music by positioning them in the 3D space.

Hassle-Free Software Protection

No iLok, no dongle nor internet access is required for activation.

You can freely use the purchased software on all your computers as long as you are the user.

15-Days Unlimited Trial Version for FREE

All the descriptions are nothing comparing to putting hands on the plugin yourself. No saving limits. No noises. No boundaries. Engage the plugin in your project for real and fully exploit its powers for two weeks.

64-bit Audio Quality at ANY Sampling Rate

The plugin provides the maximum audio quality you can get. It uses internal 64-bit audio processing and can handle any sampling rate. 192 kHz or even higher.

Smart Bypass

The intelligent way our plugins manage bypassing ensures that you don’t get any click or harmful noises when automating the parameter. It also compensates for latency ensuring that the bypass states are perfectly in sync with each other.

Intelligent Sleep on Silence

This plugin intelligently detects whether it makes sense to perform processing at all. And if not, it temporarily turns on sleep mode. In such a state, it requires virtually no CPU at all saves the computing sources for other processes.

Bonus Content

Infinity Trance

Infinity Trance holds 6 Construction Kits. Emotional Trance, Uplifting Trance, Deep Trance, Progressive Trance, Ambient Trance, Chill Trance or Psy Trance.

These kits are great for producers who need to make a track fast, keep current on the latest sound design techniques, expand their knowledge of different genres, beginners who are learning the ropes or for those who just love to make Trance music and build their sound library.

EDM & Dance Lollipop

We are giving you some seriously juicy, light-hearted, feel good, dance sounds.

What About: EDM & Dance Lollipop isn’t just covering one specific design.

Included in this pack are a wide variety of colorful instruments such as electric and acoustic guitar, piano, bells, shakers, and toms.

Synthwave Arcade

A modern fusion of old-school classic sounds blended together in a way that has never been done before.

We’ve got the funk of nu-disco, the past future atmosphere from the 80’s, and rhythmically thumping retro wave synths giving you this inventive hybrid spin on synthwave.

Regular price $169.75 on sale for only $34.

Expanse 3D + Bonus Content

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