An emulation of the legendary Mellotron, GForce “M-Tron Pro Complete” is 14% OFF

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An emulation of the legendary Mellotron, GForce “M-Tron Pro Complete” is 14% OFF.


M-Tron Pro Complete

M-Tron Pro

GForce’s M-Tron Pro is an emulation of the legendary Mellotron, the tape-based keyboard heard on recordings by such artists as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Oasis, Trent Reznor, Trentemøller, AIR and Nils Frahm amongst many others.

M-Tron Pro contains a huge 3.5GB sound library with over 200 tape banks included, 19 of which underwent remastering at the acclaimed Abbey Road Studios.

For Mellotron sound with digital ease, GForce’s M-Tron Pro provides an authenticity and flexibility that meets every ‘Tron need.

10 Expansion Packs

M-Tron Pro Complete includes the instrument and all the Expansion Packs.

That is a superb 13.5GB sound library with 450+ tape banks and 1700+ presets.

Expansion packs include original sounds from the Chamberlin, the Optigan, the Orchestron and some of the rarest Mellotron sounds ever recorded.

The Streetly Expansion Packs come from the original master tapes that have been painstakingly recorded note by note, carefully curated then meticulously edited to fit in your next composition.

Streetly Electronics has direct lineage to those early 1960s instruments guaranteeing authenticity.

  • 700+ patches including many curated by world-class recording artists and programmers
  • Over 3.5GB of factory samples
  • Preserves the 8 second tape length, with carefully selected tape banks, such as the rhythms, looped
  • Up to 35 notes, each individually sampled
  • 4 interface sizes in 3 designs, Original, Wood and Clear
  • Dual layer and split keyboard operation
  • Programmable MIDI CC response via MIDI Learn
  • 29 parameters per layer including synth parameters
  • Vintage-style ensemble and delay effects
  • Low-pass, band-pass and high-pass resonant filter section
  • Tape Reverse
  • Tape half-speed
  • Dynamic keyboard control, including filter aftertouch
  • The Brake – provides the ability to slow the tape playback speed for fabulous pitch-shift effects

Regular price $369.99 on sale for only $319.99.

M-Tron Pro Complete

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