A multi-effector that gives power to your sound, Heavyocity “PUNISH” is 75% OFF

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A multi-effector that gives power to your sound, Heavyocity “PUNISH” is 75% OFF.



Modeled after Heavyocity’s custom analog signal chains, PUNISH gives you control over Compression, Saturation, Transients, EQ, and Limiting.

Chain the modules together to get that signature PUNISH sound, or isolate them to experience each dynamic effect on its own.

And at the heart of it all is the global PUNISH Knob. Simply set your ranges, and dial in the devastation.

From subtle warmth to extreme drive and compression, PUNISH injects character and edge into any mix or instrument track. 

It is a multi-effect unit equipped with 3 compressors, 2 saturators, and 2 EQs.

It has the following features.

  • Sound is good
  • Light load
  • Recommended for those who want an analog feeling and power that does not smell digital
  • High cost performance with selectable compressor and saturator types

Although it is a multi-effects pedal, the quality of each pedal is very high. It is possible to use only a single effects unit.

There are 90 types ready-to-use presets in 6 types categories.

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Keys/Synth
  • Vocals
  • Mixing/Mastering

The GUI and sound balance that do not betray the appearance are also excellent.

Regular price $218.9 on sale for only $53.9.


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