[FREE] Featuring a sampled Yamaha C5 6’7″ Grand Piano, Audiority “Grand Piano” is available for free

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Featuring a sampled Yamaha C5 6’7″ Grand Piano, Audiority “Grand Piano” is available for free.


Grand Piano

Grand Piano is a free virtual piano instrument plugin (ROMpler) featuring a sampled Yamaha C5 6’7″ Grand Piano.

The original samples (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license) were recorded by Alexander Holm [axeldenstore (at) gmail (dot) com] with two AKG c414 condenser microphones placed in an AB position at around 12 centimeters above the strings.

He captured both the piano sound and keys release noises as separate multi-samples. All the samples were captured in 48kHz 24bit audio quality.

Grand Piano features 16 velocity layers, hence the 1.19 GB size on the disk.

The deep sampling provides realism and captures the authenticity of the instrument.

Moving on to the interface, there are 4 effect modules (reverb, chorus, delay & motion/tremolo), an ADSR envelope, and volume knobs for the piano sound and keys release noises.

Grand Piano supports various plugin formats, making it compatible with popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) and music production software.

With its low CPU usage and efficient performance, it ensures smooth integration into any project without compromising the overall system performance.

Whether you’re a composer, songwriter, or producer, Grand Piano is an exceptional free virtual instrument plugin that brings the majestic sound of a grand piano right to your fingertips.

With its realism and versatility, it is sure to inspire and enhance your musical creations.

  • multi-sampled Grand Piano
  • 16 velocity layers per sampled note
  • keys release noises
  • 48kHz 24bit audio quality
  • 1.19 GB size on disk
  • ADSR envelope
  • reverb module
  • chorus module
  • delay module
  • motion (tremolo) module
  • separate volume for keys release noises
  • global volume

Grand Piano

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