An easy-to-use, insanely creative plug-in, Softube “Celestion Speaker Shaper” is 50% OFF

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An easy-to-use, insanely creative plug-in, Softube “Celestion Speaker Shaper” is 50% OFF.


Celestion Speaker Shaper

Now, Celestion’s high-quality speakers for guitar and bass are available in an easy-to-use, insanely creative plug-in: Celestion Speaker Shaper.

Celestion Speaker Shaper replaces the need for Impulse Response loaders by enabling you to set up two cabinets in parallel and independently adjust specs for, well, just about everything.

There is a multitude of permutations to discover. Tweak your favourite speakers or bring your dream rig to life. Either way, Celestion Speaker Shaper will blow you away.

  • A speaker cabinet designer for guitars, bass, synths, and more.
  • Created in collaboration with and officially licensed by Celestion.
  • Includes 11 well-known Celestion speaker models for guitar and bass.
  • Set a myriad of parameters to your exact specifications.
  • Adjust existing setups or create never-before-heard rigs.
  • Sculpt speaker sound in an entirely new and modern way.
  • Two versions included: Celestion Speaker Shaper native plugin and Celestion Speaker Shaper for Amp Room.

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An iLok account is required for the authorisation of the software.

Regular price $108.9 on sale for only $53.9.

Celestion Speaker Shaper

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