Simple-to-use plug-in that increases warmth, power, and clarity, SoundSpot “Hiku” is 79% OFF

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Simple-to-use plug-in that increases warmth, power, and clarity, SoundSpot “Hiku” is 79% OFF.



Give your masters, buses or individual tracks extra polish with this smart effect.

HIKU might only have three controls, but under the hood, there’s a precise mix of processing tailored to add warmth, power and clarity to any audio signal. 

As well as sounding great on single tracks or groups, HIKU is a vital stage in any mastering chain.

HIKU’s processing is split into two bands. You can control the frequency of this split using the frequency dial.

Both the low and high bands are processed using saturation for crunch and character, parallel processing for punch and control, and stereo imaging for definition.

The algorithms on each side of the frequency split are tailored towards the different processing needs of low-frequency and high-frequency audio.

The central Mix parameter dials in the amount of HIKU’s effect that’s applied to the signal. Set it to low levels to subtly cook the audio, and push it to higher levels to bring life back into stale sounds.

You can raise the end-to-end crossover frequency dial to 20,000Hz to get HIKU’s low processing over the entire signal, or lower it to 20Hz to get HIKU’s high processing on a whole channel.

Use the top-left gain control to compensate for any level changes introduced by HIKU, and bypass the plugin to audition the signal before and after processing.

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