The innovative drum sample management tool with 8,000 factory samples, XLN Audio “XO” is 40% OFF

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The innovative drum sample management tool with 8,000 factory samples, XLN Audio “XO” is 40% OFF.



You can load over 8,000 samples as well as your own one-shot samples.

Ambiguous file names, folders in different locations, or sample libraries stored in external storage devices, XO sorts and seamlessly connects them all.

It displays samples graphically and places similar ones nearby so you can listen to them and get to the desired sample quickly and intuitively.

In addition, XO’s powerful filters and search functions allow you to narrow down the range for unparalleled ease of use and creativity.

Innovative browsing features as well as various beat-making features are also included.

It works as a stand-alone as well as various DAWs.

  • Load your own samples: Duplicates. Vague file names. Folders in different locations or on external drives. XO sorts them all – regardless of where and how they are stored.
  • Find your sound faster: Narrow the scope with XO’s powerful filters and search functionalities to find what you’re looking for even faster.
  • Ready for action: Factory Samples & Presets – Get a flying start to your beatmaking with XO’s inspiring presets and 8000+ hand-picked factory samples. No matter the music style or amount of sounds in your current sample collection, XO has you covered.
  • Perfect your groove: Sculpt the perfect groove with the curated Groove Templates, Nudge your patterns to boost raw urgency or funky sluggishness, and add life and dynamics to your beat with the powerful Accentuator.
  • Drag & drop: Drag and drop with ease into your own workflow. Tweaked or raw. Individual samples or the whole beat. Audio or MIDI.

Regular price $142.97 on sale for only $84.7.

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