Which turns any headphone into a world-class stereo mix room, Dear Reality “dearVR Mix” is 50% OFF

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Which turns any headphone into a world-class stereo mix room, Dear Reality “dearVR Mix” is 50% OFF.


dearVR Mix

Place Yourself In The Sweet Spot, Anytime And Anywhere

Place yourself in the sweet spot of your ultimate mixing environment. dearVR MIX turns any studio headphones into a world-class stereo mix room with carefully designed acoustics – all through advanced spatial audio technology.

Gain confidence monitoring your session in multiple virtual reference rooms and mix with your professional studio headphones, relying on Dear Reality’s Spatial Headphone Compensation.


Ultimate Mixing Environment

Reference-grade mix room for stereo productions

World-class Mix Rooms

Choose from 3 ideal mix room models (Mix Room A, Mix Room B, Analytic Dry)

Spatial Headphone Compensation

Supports 50 headphone models

Adjustable Virtual Acoustics

Easily adjust the acoustic characteristics of your virtual mixing environment using the AMBIENCE and FOCUS slider


Easy-to-use graphic interface showing the selected loudspeaker setup

Head Rotation

Support for head tracking using dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT

Stereo Speaker Setups

4 selectable speaker positions (Mono Input, Mono Summed, Stereo, Stereo Wide)

Common Listening Environments

Double-check your mix in 6 typical listening environments (Car, Club, Home Theater, Kitchen, Living Room, Stadium)

Reduced Spectral Colorization

Unique FOCUS parameter allows control over the amount of spectral coloration, built on the patented Clarity algorithm from Sennheiser AMBEO

Regular price $108.9 on sale for only $53.9.

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