An effect that adds “punch” to percussive materia, United Plugins “Urban Puncher” is 54% OFF

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An effect that adds “punch” to percussive materia, United Plugins “Urban Puncher” is 54% OFF.


Urban Puncher

Hours of mixing and your drum loops still sounds like s… something you are not satisfied with? Don’t waste that time anymore.

If the solid, strong, proud, and punchy sound is what you desire then take a shortcut. Urban Puncher delivers it within a second.

Save your time and ears for mixing other elements. The drum issue is solved with Urban Puncher.

Urban Puncher is an effect that gives a “punch” to your percussive material (drums, percussion).

Intended for drum loops but works instantly on anything that you can call drum hit.

Your loops will step out of the shadows immediately. Urban Puncher delivers a stronger and more solid feel in no time.

  • Punch – Controls the dynamic process with transients treatment and spectral shaping. The more the fist glows the bigger punch you give the loop. 
  • Dry/Wet – This knob defines how much of the effected sound is mixed in with the original signal. 0 – Only dry sound goes out. 100 only Puncher sound goes out.  
  • Saturation – Defines the amount of saturation applied on the punch effect – from gentle to harsh. 
  • Destroy  – Triples the amount of saturation defined by the Saturation knob. 
  • Output – Defines the overall output volume +/-24dB.
  • Power – Bypasses the effect.

Regular price $70.4 on sale for only $31.9.

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