A wide collection of essential synth sounds, UJAM “Usynth Core” is 75% OFF

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A wide collection of essential synth sounds, UJAM “Usynth Core” is 75% OFF.


Usynth Core

A wide collection of essential synth sounds. From basses to polys, from leads to arpeggios. This is the comprehensive swiss knife for every occasion.

Peter Gorges, the chief sound designer behind CORE, is a revered industry-veteran.

He has worked on several milestones of synthesizer history and brings more than four decades of experience to the table. This is his collection of must-have synth aesthetics.

Usynth features a built-in Delay unit that’s simple to set up, yet super-flexible.

Instead of a dozen parameters, you have to set, simple and complex Delay configurations are already prepared – all you have to do is select a Delay preset and adjust Mix and Feedback.

  • Modulation – Each Synthesizer preset in Usynth has been set up with what the sound designer deemed the most useful modulation. You can dial it in using a Modulation controller/wheel on your keyboard.
  • Global Keyboard Settings – Chord: This lets you play “1-finger-chords”, where one key creates an entire chord. Click under the Chord label to open a menu of available chords.
  • Fully Customizable Sequencer
  • 2 Individual Layers per Note
  • Custom Finisher featuring 90 Presets

Regular price $86.89 on sale for only $20.9.

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