Granular echo synthesizer, Soundtoys “Crystallizer” is 73% OFF

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Granular echo synthesizer, Soundtoys “Crystallizer” is 73% OFF.



Crystallizer is an otherworldly creative effect that transforms instruments using a combination of pitch shifting and reversed echo.

Based on the Eventide H3000’s innovative “Reverse Shift” algorithm, Crystallizer brings granular echo slicing, old-school pitch shifting and powerful new features together into one inspiring tool.

If you listened to the radio in the late 80s, you’ve heard the Crystal Echoes effect from the Eventide H3000 effects processor.

The sound is absolutely unmistakable and has been used on countless records to transform simple chords into epic soundscapes.

Once musicians and engineers got their hands on this unique technique and realized how it instantly turned minimal guitar lines into shimmering symphonic textures, there was no going back.

You can hear it on hundreds of records – from 80s anthems to ambient compositions, to modern indie rock and chillwave. And now you can have it, too.

  • Recreate the classic crystalline sounds of the Eventide H3000
  • Turn simple melodies and chords into shimmering, textured soundscapes
  • Create rich, evolving effects with reverse echos and pitch shifting
  • Lock the effect to your project’s tempo and even add custom automation
  • Transform guitar, bass, drums or loops into something completely new
  • An amazing tool for creative sound designers

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