A powerful and practical multi-layer polyphonic synthesizer, D16 Group “LuSH-2” is 41% OFF

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A powerful and practical multi-layer polyphonic synthesizer, D16 Group “LuSH-2” is 41% OFF.




Lush 2 lets you reach “unheard of” levels of creativity – each layer works as an independent synthesizer with its own polyphony, parameters, enhanced arp, and a choice between 8 of the finest insert effects.

Multilayer Architecture

This guarantees Lush 2 has virtually limitless sound design possibilities and unique applications.

You can quickly create multi-layer sounds by simply assigning any (or all) of the 8 layers to the same MIDI channel; this can result in anything from subtle chorusing to sonic anarchy!

Assigning layers to different keyboard zones lets you create sophisticated splits, and an entire split-zone preset library exists to get you started.

You can also assign different layers to different MIDI channels for 8-part multi-layer usage, and send out up to 11 audio outputs.

Substantial Factory Content

Over 1600 presets (all preset types included) curated into a clear, easy-to-navigate structure.

A carefully prepared, categorized and tagged bank always lets you find exactly what you’re looking for – from massive basses, to complex sequences, to the toughest-sounding synthetic percussion you’ve ever heard… you’ll find it all here.

Huge, inspiring arpeggiator performances covering an unusually broad scope will draw you in from the first key press.

Plus, most of the factory presets make extensive use of the modulation matrix to produce sounds that are much more expressive and flavorful; LuSH-2 was designed to be a musical instrument first and foremost, and therefore the factory presets were designed with playability and personality in mind.

Two Insert Effects per Layer

From subtle to sabotage: choose from 8 customized effect algorithms per insert, per layer, to hone your sound.

Inspiring Arpeggiator

A powerful bespoke arpeggiator section with independent presets to get your groove on!

VCO With Analog Feel

Innovative oscillator algorithms developed by D16 make Lush 2 sound exactly like a sampled hardware analog synth – but without the sampling!

There is no aliasing in the oscillators, even at 22kHz from the note’s base frequency. Vibrato and pitch bend don’t compromise the spectral quality of the oscillators, allowing LuSH-2 to sound completely authentic even with the most challenging performances.

Musical Filter

Resonance is constant across the entire frequency range, making the filter sound totally authentic, especially when controlled with the envelopes or an LFO.

Pushing the resonance to maximum and turning all the oscillators down will produce a pure, pleasant sine wave as the filter is driven into self-oscillation, mirroring its hardware counterparts.

Of course, keyboard tracking can also be applied to the filter for a smooth, adjustable cutoff gradient across the keyboard range.

Modulation Matrix

An entire page dedicated to assigning your modulation to nearly any parameter – pick a source, pick a destination, set an amount: creative modulation!

Arp Tie and Arp Gate as Modulation Sources

Even the arpeggiator’s MIDI output can be used as a modulation source, allowing for complex sequences and refreshingly odd progressions.


Lush 2 also comes complete with a powerful built-in mixer, complete with layer-independent parametric equalizers and compressors that can be rearranged.

Volume, pan and superb send effects allow you to put the finishing touches on the final output.

Layer’s Channel Strip

Each layer has a dedicated channel strip in the mixer to make getting the sound you desire a breeze.

Per Strip Compressor

Each channel strip has its own compressor to provide better control over dynamics for every layer and each send effect.

Parametric EQ

Having this many layers requires proper mixing… and you need parametric EQ to get it done properly!

Three Send Effects to Set the Stage

A smooth, rich, and spacious reverb to satisfy even the most ardent purists; a comprehensive delay unit with tempo sync option and a warm-sounding double-line chorus provide perfect glue to all kinds of layered sounds.

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