Which bundles three original plug-ins to enhance your creativity, Orb Plugins “Orb Plugins Bundle” is 92% OFF

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Which bundles three original plug-ins to enhance your creativity, Orb Plugins “Orb Plugins Bundle” is 92% OFF.


Orb Plugins Bundle

Orb Composer Pro S 1.5

The First Artificial Intelligence For Music Creation

Orb Composer 1.5 is the most accomplished music composition Artificial Intelligence in the world. With its unique features and capabilities, Orb will inspire you to create beautiful music in no time.

Orb Composer is the latest Artificial Intelligence technology for music. Orb is a creative music composition tool. It will help you to get inspired and create ideas and songs faster than any other software solution on the market.

The detailed selection of features makes Orb the best tool for writing music:

  • The latest AI technology for music creation.
  • Create ideas and tracks from start to finish in no-time.
  • Well-suited for classical and orchestral music creation.
  • Fast, flexible, intuitive, and inspiring workflows.

Key Features

  • Midi Editor with Control Changes: The new MIDI Editor gives you full control over every aspect of your creation.
  • Smart Melody Import: Import your own MIDI files and create complete songs in no-time.
  • Orb Chord Progressions Engine: Completely improved and redesigned for better results and performance.
  • New Features in version 1.5: Change the notes produced automatically for each instrument part directly inside the Orb MIDI Editor.

Orb Synth X

Powerful, Deep, Intuitive

Experience the ultimate creative freedom with Orb Synth X and explore the depth of sound design.

New Sound Engine

Orb Synth X is a cutting-edge wavetable synthesizer, designed for music producers and sound designers who demand the latest in sound technology. Create unique, deep, expressive sounds with ease and precision.

What’s New?

Improved wavetable, adsr, lfo, filter and modulation quality.

  • Wavetable import
  • Automation
  • GUI redesign
  • Huge Performance improvements
  • 2 new filter types
  • 3 added modulation sources: key, modwheel and random
  • ADSR upgrade: keytrack, velocity sensitivity and decay/release curve
  • Chorus effect

Orb Tempus

Slow Down Everything

Orb Tempus can transform any audio into a brooding and mellow polyphonic version, adding immense depth and ambiance to your compositions.

Create Chords from any Sample

With its ability to slow down and create a chord from any sample, the possibilities for creative exploration are endless. Overall, Orb Tempus is a must-have for any producer seeking to add depth and atmosphere to their music.

Post FX Fine Tuning

With Orb Tempus, you can utilize its impressive slow-down automation and advanced post-effects processing capabilities.

  • Full Automations
  • Global Slow Down
  • Tone parameter
  • Compressor
  • Drive
  • Smart DRY/WET control

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Orb Plugins Bundle

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