Everything you need to spark new ideas and take your tracks to the finish line, Native Instruments “KOMPLETE 14 Select” is 50% OFF

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Everything you need to spark new ideas and take your tracks to the finish line, Native Instruments “KOMPLETE 14 Select” is 50% OFF.

Purchase Komplete 14 Select between January 31st and February 29th 2024, to automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a brand-new Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 Keyboard.


KOMPLETE 14 Select

The Essential Creative Toolkit

Everything you need to spark new ideas and take your tracks to the finish line, from inspiring sounds and premium synths to top-notch effects, kits, and more.

Now includes the Play Series instrument SOUL SESSIONS, and latest Expansions BACKYARD JAMS, NEO BOOGIE, and MOTHER BOARD.



Monophonic synthesizer capturing every sonic nuance of the king of analog monosynths in spectacular detail – the holy grail of analog modeling.


The heavyweight synthesizer for fat basses and piercing leads – everything from creamy analog sounds to dirty, brute force audio.

Reaktor Prism

Unique, responsive polyphonic instrument and effect, based on the innovative modal synthesis technology from REAKTOR.

Reaktor 6 Player

A free host for all KOMPLETE Instruments powered by REAKTOR, including Carbon 2, Newscool, and Spacedrone.

Sampled Instruments

Kontakt 7 Player

A free and updated application that runs all KONTAKT instruments, as well as a large number of instruments from other companies. Includes KONTAKT 7 Factory Selection.

Soul Sessions

50 years of soul sound – buttery keys, live guitar, bass plucks, dusky horns, vintage synths, and more inspired by the evolution of soul music.

The Gentleman

A classic upright piano that delivers balanced tone and a wide dynamic range, sampled from a vintage upright.

Retro Machines Mk 2

16 coveted analog synthesizers and keyboards, lovingly sampled from the original instruments for thick, creamy, analog sound.

Scarbee Mark 1

The sound of an iconic 70s electric piano – beautifully sampled and perfectly preserved in all its analog brilliance.

Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass

The punchy midrange and stunning power of a Rickenbacker® 4003 captured for the first time – officially approved by Rickenbacker®.

Ethereal Earth

Create hybrid, atmospheric soundscapes and textures from acoustic instruments with unique processing for otherworldly sonic environments.

Vintage Organs

The sound of 5 classic organs: The Hammond B-3, C-3, M-3, Farfisa Compact, and Vox Continental II in one sample-based instrument.

Drums and Percussion Instruments


A sonic laboratory for layering drums, combining pristine acoustic samples with a punchy electronic edge.

West Africa

A collection of beautifully sampled percussion and melodic instruments from West Africa in a playable, polyrhythmic instrument.



Two professional quality delays and a powerful diffusion algorithm in a sleek, streamlined interface.

Solid Bus Comp

More than a bus compressor. Use it on single channels, subgroups, or the master channel for consistently rewarding results.


Do-it-all, high-fidelity reverb that delivers everything from powerful ambiences and twisted modulation, to sound sculpting and complex sound design excursions.

Mod Pack – Phasis

Timeless phasing sound combined with powerful new features for never-heard-before results.


Backyard Jams

The eclectic sound of future beats and beyond – West Coast hip hop meets freewheeling funk, sunny soul, and forward-thinking production.

Mother Board

Booming analog beats, funky chord stabs, and gritty vocoder chops – The retro-futuristic sounds of Detroit electro, sampled from vintage machines.

Neo Boogie

A classic funk and modern pop blend, with shimmering guitars, groovy basslines, vintage keys, and feel-good rhythms.

Deep Matter

Moody bass tones, melancholic pads, atmospheric field recordings, and crisp percussion to give you the beautiful darkness of Berlin’s ethereal techno.

Solar Breeze

Explore the evocative panorama of indie electronica with exclusive acoustic-electronic sounds.

Lilac Glare

The melodic atmosphere of modern pop rhythms with raw acoustic and electronic R&B flare – expertly sampled and studio-ready.

True School

Old school + new school = TRUE SCHOOL, perfect for futuristic beatmaking.

Velvet Lounge

V.I.P. access to the sultry melodies, liquid atmospheres and forward-thinking rhythms of future soul.

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KOMPLETE 14 Select ( Plugin Boutique )

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