Synthesizer with MPE support, Stagecraft “Infinity Synth” is 50% OFF

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Synthesizer with MPE support, Stagecraft “Infinity Synth” is 50% OFF.


Infinity Synth

A sample-based synth designed for maximum expressiveness, Infinity Synth ships with a bank of high-quality sounds out of the box.

Additional samples and patches can be auditioned and purchased directly from the synth, allowing you to create your own custom, infinitely large sample bank.

  • Sample-based presets with a massive catalogue 
  • ADSR and filter ADSR control
  • Configurable voice filtering, with LFO, for maximum tone adjustment
  • Mods and Automation configurable for any parameter
  • Effects chaining with a wide variety of quality effects
  • Every preset can be poly or monophonic
  • Portamento and pitch bend adjustable
  • Highly customizable UI with adjustable colours and light/dark mode
  • Compatible with MPE controllers

Regular price $50 on sale for only $27.5.

Infinity Synth ( Plugin Boutique )

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